Yoga is one of the best forms of exercise there is. It helps the body, tunes your mind and makes you feel better all around. There is nothing quite like it. The traditional Indian form of exercise has reached the limelight in recent years with its global awareness increasing day-by-day. The celebrities and personalities following and promoting has also increased.

Although yoga is spoken and discussed about everyday on online forums, very few speak about the time it is supposed to be practiced. While the question is on everybody’s minds very few speak or discuss about it.

Is it like gymming, where it can be done all day long or is it time specific. Where doing it on a particular time of the day has better benefits than the rest. Well, the answer is simple; the best time for yoga would be the time that suits you.

Yoga can be done anytime of the day. Whether it’s in the morning or afternoon, or even in the darkness of the night, yoga can be practiced during the whole day. But it’s not like it’s the same. Each time of the day have their own pros and cons when you perform yoga.

Morning Yoga

As any form of exercise, I would suggest you to practice yoga right in the morning. Morning yoga has a lot of advantages that doesn’t come from practicing it on any other time of the day. It is the same with any form of exercise, but yoga can be additionally helpful for you.

Many yoga traditions like the Ashtangha system focuses on performing yoga in the morning. There are a lot of advantages to it. It can help with reducing the pain in joints and bones and also helps on kick-starting the body metabolism for the day.

Yoga in the morning not only helps physically but also helps your bodily functions. It increases the digestive capacity of your body and practicing on an empty stomach cleans your digestive system. Yoga in the morning also helps you have a better mental well being and mood all throughout the day.

Evening Yoga

Evening yoga also has its fair share of advantages. Although it seems like it is less than morning, the advantages are different. It is easier to practice yoga in the evening as your muscles are already warmed and ready for exercise and this usually translates to more calories being burnt by you.

While morning yoga helps cleaning out the digestive system for better digestion, practicing yoga in the evening helps you digest the days food properly. It also helps in relaxing you after a hard day and helps you sleep better.